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"As we start on The Path of the Feather let us pray to those who help us on the way. Let us pray for them to come to us, and be with us in this work we are about to do. God, Buddha, Great Spirit, Our Teachers, She who gardens us from above, come to us and help us with this work. We thank you for the earth, for our families, and for us as the shaman that we all are. We thank you for our spirits and our ability to pray, to make to see visions and to speak to power animals and ancient ones.. We thank you for our eyes, our ears, our hands, our bodies, and our lives.  Help us tell the truth and help us understand these words. Help us heal ourselves, others we love, and the earth. Help us    make our sacred medicine wheels to heal ourselves, others, and the earth . " 


Curing is the business of medicine Doctors. 

Healing is the business of the shaman!

 Shamanism is 

A holistic method that focuses on the Mind, Body & Spirit.   

Shamanism is an ancient form of energy healing and a way of life.  

Shamanism is an ancient collection of traditions based on the act of voluntarily accessing and connecting to non-ordinary states  or spirit realms  for wisdom and healing. It helps with eliminating disease and restores harmony.

People may seek shamanic healing for many reasons which may include:

• Release painful childhood memories

• Change thought/behavioral patterns that no longer serve  

• Reduce suffering from physical problems

• Work though relationship issues   

• Move with less effort through  life changes

• Instill  joy  after loss/ trauma

• Discover  life  purpose/ dreaming destiny into becoming

• Remove  ancestral energy/karma   

• Prepare for death


Energetic Balancing/ Illumination 

Clear the Imprints of Physical and Psychological Illness at the Source. Activate your Light Body and DNA.

The Andean Shamanic foundation for clearing toxic imprints from a person's energy field to initiate healing .  It  helps release past stories,  emotional wounds and trauma.  Assists you to step into a meaningful life filled with insight  and purpose.  

Shamanic Extraction

A deep energetic clearing that removes stuck energies which no longer serve the individual.

As we go through life, most of us encounter negativity in some way or find things “stuck” to us that just don’t belong. If these energies hang around for very long, they may start to cause issues such as illness, bad luck, etc. If this is happening, then an extraction and “powering up” can help. Extraction is the other side of shamanic healing work as compared to restoring power. It involves scanning of the subtle body for energies that do not belong. The intruding energy is then removed and safely put in a place where it can be transmuted (changed in form). Removal of errant energies make it is easier to find health of body, mind and spirit. The Shamanic Practitioner tracks and removes spiritual blockages / energies that live within a client’s body /or light-body field which effect their life in an adverse way. 

Soul Retrieval 

Soul Retrieval is deep healing work that restores wholeness.

The concept of soul retrieval is that we all experience trauma during our lives, and when we do, a part of our beings or soul, may flee, fracture, or hide in an effort to protect itself. We call this ‘soul loss.’ The trauma might be obvious (an injury, assault, war, accident, the death of a loved one, divorce, physical or emotional abuse) or it may exist in a more subtle realm. Sometimes trauma can even extend back to the womb or infancy and may stem from not having our needs properly met. Depression, dysfunctional relationships, a sense of separation, an inability to move forward can all be hallmarks of soul loss.   When we’re born, we are usually born with perfect energetic bodies. When we experience traumatic incidents like car accidents, being bullied, witnessing or having violence directed at us, we suffer soul loss, even from past lives.  This loss leaves empty spaces in our energy field that leave us vulnerable to negative energy (like others’ jealousy, illness, and spiritual attachment.)  

Power Animal Retrieval 

Power animals are guardians; they give spiritual power, protection and support.

Power animal retrieval connects you with a helping spirit that has taken animal form. During this ceremony, the shaman journeys to the Spirit World to find your power animal and bring it back to you, in this reality, where it will live within you.  During this ceremony the Shaman will journey to  find a power animal and then  blow some of that animal’s spiritual energy into you. The energy integrates with and strengthens your own. This integration, in turn, pushes out negative energy that doesn’t serve you.

Shamanic Life  Coaching with Art

Be guided on a journey into yourself using creative art and  Shamanic rituals that have been used for thousands of years to create greater harmony, health and wellbeing.

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