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Rev. Vicki Snyder-Young 
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  HypnoRegression with Vicki 
much more than past lives.......

Vicki has completed training with Candace Craw-Goldman the creator of Beyond Quantum Healing and Peter Woodbury, MSW who has become one of the world’s most prolific regressionists, having conducted over 6,000 regression sessions, about 350 regressions a year.  These two modalities complement each other very well. 

Vicki uses her intuition to guide you in regression as you may explore past lives, karma, soul purpose, meet your guides or loved ones in spirit, view your Akashic Records or gain insight and healing into your current relationships. 

Sessions are up to 2 hours long in which you will be guided to a very deep relaxation (hypnosis part) , you will still be very aware during this time, contrary to popular belief you will hear, feel and sense what is going on around you and be able to fully communicate.  You will fully participate. Vicki will offer suggestions  and ask you questions as you explore an area or intention that is discussed prior to the start of the session.   You will be in the space between sleep and awake and able to experience what you need to know for your highest and best. 

If you are ready for profound insight and healing, you can schedule you session by going to the tab at the top of this page titled Book Appointment.. then select HypnoRegression to pick your session time. 

***Certified through the Association for Research and Enlightenment- Edgar Cayce and Peter Woodbury, MSW. 

"Quantum Healing has variously been called guided visualization, hypnosis, dreamwork or soul travel. All of these descriptions are human words and phrases to basically describe this scenario: You lay back, relax, close your eyes and enter a deep, daydream-like state that is relevant to your situation. You are able to speak and describe your experience all the while being assisted by your facilitator. You will be invited to speak to your own Higher Self- that part of you that is the Divine spark and has more wisdom and knowledge about you and your life plan than your more "everyday" or "temporal" self." - Candace Craw Goldman, BQH

Beyond Quantum Healing is a multi-dimensional, intuitive, heart-centred, and energy-based spiritual healing modality.

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a hypnosis method similar to past life regression and Dolores Cannon's well-known Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). A BQH session is seen as 'consciousness exploration' where you might experience visiting past, future or parallel lifetimes, present life memories, or wherever the most important place and time is based on your intention for the session.

Common intentions for sessions:

Exploring career path, life transitions, life purpose & mission, seeking guidance & clarity, understanding certain relationships, curiosity about past lives, wanting to connect with your spirit guides, exploring your spirituality, seeking deeper understanding about yourself at a soul level, and more.

For each session, you can prepare a list of questions you have..

Some examples are:

Why did I choose my current family?

Why am I incarnated on earth at this time?

What is my life purpose?

Is my current job in alignment with my purpose?

I'm having health issues and would like to know why.

I had a near death experience once. I want to ask about that.

Why have I never had a good relationship with my parents?

What am I here to learn during this lifetime?

What is my soul contract with my current partner?

Want to learn more?? Click the link below for a great article from Vicki's Teacher!