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Bear Healing Woman

Vicki's Recorded Journeys 

As we navigate our daily tasks and stressors, it is all too easy to forget how lucky we are to be alive. The goal of these recorded Shamanism Without Borders Tending Journeys  is a simple one: to encourage you to contemplate the miracle of existence and to be of service in other ways by going within.


Create a sacred ceremonial space where you will not be disturbed during the tending. You could create an altar, light a candle, drum or rattle along if you wish, or simply participate in the journey work.


Extreme conditions are affecting our wildlife in numerous ways and they  are  being displaced. From habitat destruction, deforestation, pollution and weather conditions, many species are becoming endangered. This in turn affects the circle of life and ecosystem.


Tending to Drug Addiction Recording below

Drug addictions are impacting the lives of our communities, our families, friends, co-workers and first responders. The overdose death rates are rising. The impacts are far reaching from emotional and physical health issues to economic burdens.

Tending to the unhoused - Recording below

 The number of unhoused people in the US reached an all-time high of more than half a million people in 2023. Many people are suffering as a result of being unhoused.  People lose their housing due to poverty, mental or physical illness, lack of affordable housing, drug addiction, unemployment, discrimination and a lack of services.

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