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Experience the Magic of Gathering of Angels

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

A “Gathering of Angels” idea was initially presented to me, Vicki Snyder-Young several years ago by the angels. I was given direction that I should host the angels and people of like mind who work in all capacities with the angels. In 2018, I began a Sunday Angel Type Service called “An Hour with Angels” and found this to be very uplifting; it was during this monthly service that I was given more details on how to proceed with A Gathering of Angels.

Fast forward to 2024 and the Gathering is evolving after a hiatus due to Covid. Now the Gathering will focus on angels but also bring together people of like mind who seek to be a light in the world in their own unique way. So you will find some different styles of readers using different techniques, all to lift and inspire you.

We hope you will join us,
Vicki & Jim Young- promotors

Details of the Gathering in 2024!

The next Gathering is March 16, 2024 

You will find us every 3rd Saturday of each month in 2024 at the Artisan Cove in East Rochester, NY.  The Artisan Cove at 349 W Commercial St , East Rochester, NY 14445 is in the Piano Works Mall just off the 490 expressway. It is handicap accessible with plenty of free parking. 

The event hours are 10-5. 

The Artisan Cove has 90 Artisans offering handmade items for you to check out too! 

Thank you to all who attended our kick off event! 

Meet The Team

Here's who will be at the Gathering in March 

( underlined names have websites to visit- just click)


Kris Faso - Seer Stone Reader

Vicki Snyder-Young - Psychic Medium & Angel Readings

Jim Young- Intuitive Tarot

Theresa Johnson- Psychic Medium  & Tarot

Kim Saporito - Psychic Medium & Tarot

Linda Giuliani - Lenormand Tarot

Iris Waters- Medium 

Sylvia Didas - Automatic Writing, Medium, Tarot


Samantha Lynn, Wholistic Herbals -  Reiki & Chakra Balancing 


Jim Young- Gathering of Angels T-Shirts & Angel Healing Books

B & R Crystal Cavern - Crystals 

The Dove - Metaphsycial Items

Roc Metaphysical - Online Magazine & Books


 Lectures, Presentations & Demonstrations Schedule


March 16th 

11:00 Sound Healing Experience with Shari & Sunni

12:00 Rocco Vallerand - Radiant Mindset

1:00  Richard Hughson -  

3:00 Richard Hughson - Prayer & Intention Circle

11:00   -  The The Radiant Mindset Program by Rocco Vallerand. For the past 35 years, Rocco Vallerand has embarked on a transformative journey dedicated to uncovering the profound aspects of life. Throughout his odyssey, he has delved into the depths of the mind's potential and mastered the art of cultivating secure, sacred spaces. His latest endeavor, "The Radiant Mindset" course, synthesizes decades of wisdom drawn from Positive Thinking, The Law of Attraction, The Secret, and the extraordinary capabilities of the human mind, offering participants an exhilarating and enlightening learning experience.

Within this course, participants will gain insights into:

Understanding the profound influence of thoughts and beliefs on shaping our reality. Exploring the scientific underpinnings of the Law of Attraction. Cultivating a mindset rooted in gratitude for a more fulfilling life. Nurturing positivity and resilience.

Overcoming self-limiting beliefs and the tendency for self-sabotage. Regaining equilibrium in the face of chaos. Practicing self-compassion and kindness. This comprehensive program draws inspiration from eminent figures such as Louise Hay, Shakti Gawain, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Morihei Ueshiba, Rhonda Byrne, and Eckhart Tolle, encapsulating the essence of their teachings into a singular, potent initiative designed to catalyze life-changing transformations. You’re not going to want to miss this! It just may change your life!   

1:00 -   by Richard Hughson


3:00 - Prayer/ Intention Circle - Richard Hughson

In this circle, prayers will be placed in the circle then a period of silence as the circle meditates, prayers on them. Come send your prayers and intentions out to the world.

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