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Unclaimed Message Wall 

Throughout the years I have received numerous spirit messages for people I do not know thus I did not know how to give the messages. I even began  to not accept the  messages if I did not know who to give them to. Recently a close friend suggested I do an unclaimed message here it is and I am back to writing down all the messages I receive  for the unknown people.  Please look through  the messages to see if you can take any or all. Maybe you even know who it is meant for. Some will have names and some will not. Names may not be exact, they could rhyme or be similar to ones given from spirit.   Please enjoy these messages as I feel they need to be shared. ~ Vicki Snyder

"Hello, I came to be with you because I need you to give a message to someone on earth. There name is Rachel Sterling . I am her father. She needs to know that I'm ok and with her. That I love her tremendously . She cries for me. I see it. I'm sorry for the hurt I caused her. It will be better, tell her that. It's ok to grieve and cry but not dwell on what  was. Move on, you have a bright future and many blessing  will come your way. Trust in the faith you have. I will be with  you always and forever sweet girl. My name is Robert.  Please give her that message from me " - 7/19/11

"This is Harry Barker (dog). Please tell her to go to our park and I will meet her there. She was a wonderful owner and I liked her pets. I will walk with her still and the new Harry Barker. He isn't as good as me but he will do so she is not lonely no more." 2011/2012

I believe this goes to the founder of Harry Barker Dog Accessories 

I'm hearing the song Jessie's Girl ~  "Jessie is a friend,
Yeah I know he's been a good friend of mine."   This message goes out to Jessie's Girl. I loved you yet you did not know. I did not take the time to tell you, now it's too late. I am sad. It was stupid not to just tell you and deal with the consequences. I think you loved me too. I ran out of time. LIfe was too short, I had no idea it would end and I left you with questions and stolen looks and wishes for more. I am so sorry I did that to you selfishly. I was a fool and I hope you can forgive me and see how much I really loved you.  8/18/14

Joshua, Joshua, Joshua- you know what you have to do so get to it. You are wasting time when you could be spending more time being happy. I want you in a happy spot not this spot you are in that is dark and miserable. You can get out. You know what you need to do. I taught you how to get out of dark spaces so you just have to remember. I will be with you helping you to get out too. If you need an extra push just ask me and I will give you it. Just do it. There's no better time than the present. Your father would be extremely proud of you!  9/9/14

A couple, who are parents that passed together in a car accident,  step in for their son to say "We are so happy for you!!! You have done good son. Please keep up the good work. We worked so hard for you to get where you are and it makes us very proud it paid off for you and your family. We both miss you. Tell your children you love them every night because you just never know when your time will be up. We are sorry we left you but we had to go together. We could not bear to be apart. Just as you and Susan are in love , we were in love. It is beautiful to be together. Give Susan our love and hold her tight, always show her how much you love her, even when she makes you mad. You will always get over it, and it will pass. " 10/13/14

To the young girl driving the truck in Penfield - I saw you were not alone in your truck as you drove, you had a visitor unknown to you. This soul  sitting next to you signified an ending. Know that your light, your love will  continue to shine for those you leave behind. Your love will get them through their darkest days I'm told. You will see you were loved deeply, more than you ever knew. For your family, they will learn a valuable lesson, not to take life for granted. You have taught them many lessons, of which they will share. 7/19/14

"This is Gene, you are in contact with my mom. She is very sad but she does not need to be. Please let her know I am alright. It was not her fault. I was stupid and did not tell her. She could not have helped me. I was determined. I was not grateful to her for being a great mom to me and I am very sorry for that. She needs to know she was a great mom. Please let her know that too." 7/31/14

Lucy in the sky with diamonds! "Picture yourself in a boat on a river With tangerine trees and marmalade skies Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly A girl with kaleidoscope eyes."  Girl you are more to the eye than most see. Let them see the true you, the real you. Girl don't push it. You are on the right path and I am here to help you. You are a diamond in the rough and you need to picture yourself differently, see how others see you. You are afraid to look for fear of what you will see but it's beautiful, like diamonds in the sky. I am walking next to you, we are on the path together even though you do not see me, I am right here next to you, watching you shine and sparkle like a diamond. You were my diamond yet I did not have the chance to give you a diamond of your own. I wanted to and you need to know that. I had the intention just not the time. I love you, my Lucy.

I hear the word Grace  and these words from an older man who has passed and left behind his  life long sweetheart- "I love you. I am sorry you are missing me. I am here but you do not sense me. Try harder to get the message I am sending you. It is important.  I hold you when you cry. I wipe away your  tears for me. I take the hurt away.  We had a long life together, a happy life. Remember all the years of joy and remember the struggles, for we made it through together. Don't be sad.  Turn that frown upside down and embrace the life you have left with the children and grandchildren . Don't give up, it's not your time. This you will know and understand in time." 


"This message is for a little girl who is ill and in need of some love. Her name is unknown but her heart is big even though it is sick now. Her little life is short but what she leaves behind is great.  She has shown you all just how to love each other again. Her death will bring you back to one another. Her mission will be accomplished. She hates to see the fighting and hurt over her sickness. She does not want you to be sad. She says to plant flowers for her in the garden. When you look at them she will be with you. Plant her favorite ones that she liked to pick." 7/22/14

This message is for a special lady named JC. You were the love of my life. I loved you with  all I had. I still love you. You are supposed to move on and be loved again. The man will be ok, he won't be me, but he will be good to you. Let your heart live again. Let the hurt die in your heart and let living fill it once again. Take all the memories of me and flush them away now. It's time. You are not dishonoring me or my memory. I want you to be at peace. I am telling you to close your eyes and feel the breeze hit your face, feel the sun hit your body and warm it. This is your peace. This is your time to find the sense of peace I am giving to you. Take it and let it fill you fully so you can now move on.