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The rich symbolism of the tarot cards can provide a tool to gain insight into challenging situations, in order to achieve deeper understanding of life’s circumstances through archetypes. They can be used to help understand a situationbetter, make mindful decisions, or just help you to be more aware of your attitudes and actions in your day to day life.

This beautifully designed pendant (measuring 1 /14 inches wide) features the 22 Major Arcana archetypes from the Waite-Rider deck of tarot cards.  There is an all-seeing-eye featured in the center, set in a silver alloy metal, glass dome cover, with the flower of life, circular mandala on the back of the pendant.

It is accompanied by a wonderful silver alloy chain (24 inches) with claw clasp, an organza bag for storage and some information about this wonderful pendant and how to care for it.

Tarot Necklace

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