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Creolina of yesteryear has been given a new twist. This highly concentrated “wonder Water” has historically dissolved negativity and enhances positive energy. Today it is used to clear negative energy, dissipate disturbances, or purify any space. Tar Water is a powerful tool to get rid of bad energy and evil spirits. Use to rid a place or person of negative thoughts, psychic manifestations, or victim mentality.

Add several pumps to each corner of a room in your home or business or add a capful to your mop water. You can also spray it in your yard, across your front door, or throughout any room for protection.

Ingredients: ruta, black salt, black obsidian, herba euphorbiae, radix sanguisorbae, radix glycyrrhizae, agrimonia eupatoria, Pinyon pine, Holy water, coal tar solution.

Tar Water Spray

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