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Direct from the Russian Federation, Shungite, considered the Wonder Stone, has been used to clear the subconscious of deeply held memories (including past life experiences) and embraces its user in a protective aura. Due to the stone’s sheen, it acts as a mirror, showing us negative patterns and the root of these patterns.

Since ancient times, pyramids have played an important role in the development of civilization. Due to its form and unique properties, shungite pyramids form a torsion field around it that reflects geopathic rays. It is able to protect accommodations and workrooms from electromagnetic radiation that come from different household appliances and measurement technologies.

Besides that a shungite pyramid is a reliable shield against geopathic influence. The regular use of a shungite pyramid leads to calming of the body’s energetic state and therefore, charges and strengthens the body’s biofield or aura. It improves our psycho-emotional state. They are a must have for any energy practitioner!

Shungite Pyramid (1.97″ inches x 1.97″ inches)  Includes a color coordinated pouch, cleansing/caring instructions, methods for use and metaphysical properties.

Shungite Pyramid

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