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Direct from the Russian Federation, Shungite, considered the Wonder Stone, has been used to clear the subconscious of deeply held memories (including past life experiences) and embraces its user in a protective aura. Due to the stone’s sheen, it acts as a mirror, showing us negative patterns and the root of these patterns.

Shungite Energy Water cleanses, neutralizes, regenerates, eliminates and absorbs all that imposes a hazard on living beings and have been cherished over the centuries to guard against the “evil eye”, repelling negativity.

Misting Shungite water helps combat stress and the pollutants in our environment, two things that adversely affect our health. This powerful mist contains cool filtered Shungite water charged with fullerenes creating EMF protection, purifying air and enhancing positive energy. Shungite is even beneficial to animals.

This amazing water comes in a 4 oz jet black bottle with a fine mister.

Shungite Energy Water

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