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4 oz. Organic Mt. Shasta Sage Herbal Spray

“Clear away the energies of the day, with this sacred smudging spray”

Sage has a variety of uses. Wonderful for anointing candles, crystals or altar, sage spray is a sacred purifier! Use as a perfume or bath/body mist to cleanse away negative feelings or energies that affect you. Spray over body, meditation space or any room that needs clearing.

Sage is used principally for smudging and can also be used in the blessing of our homes and vehicles. It is commonly used in sweat lodge ceremonies, purification and as a tool for cleansing. The herb is widely used in many ceremonies. Sage has a powerful and pungent scent! This also makes a great room atomizer!

This sage is from Mt. Shasta. Mt. Shasta sage is very special as it comes from the high energy vortex of this famous and spiritual mountain in Northern California. I have infused Organic sage in spring water from deep underground aquifers, and my own Angel’s Mist Sage Essential Oil.

Sage Clearing Spray

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