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The Reiki symbols are like keys that open doors to a higher mind. The symbols trigger a belief or intention built into the symbols that helps the user to get the results intended. The different symbols also quickly connect the user to the universal life force.

In “traditional” Reiki there are four Reiki symbols. They are: the Power symbol (Choku Rei), the Mental/Emotional symbol (Sei He Ki) and the Distance symbol (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) and Mastery symbol (Di Ko Myo).

We have crafted these healing images on to Obsidian. Obsidian stone helps to amplify intention and thought. Obsidian is actually natural glass that is formed when hot lava is submerged in water. This is a strong grounding stone and is known as”the protector“. It is said to “mirror one’s soul. This stone brings about objectivity, dis-attachment and is grounding. It reduces fantasy and escapism. Absorbs and dissolves anger, criticism, fear, and therefore, is protective. This unusual black stone absorbs darkness and converts it to white light energy. It is a warm and friendly stone, which is used at the Root Chakra, encouraging ones survival instincts and self-awareness. Black obsidian brings higher Chakra light into lower ones; cleanses and uplifts. Changes fear into flexibility with the advent of change.

This set of 4 stones, measure about 1.5″ in length. They come with healing instructions for use and a coordinating organza bag.

Reiki Obsidian Stones

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