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Passage to India is a rich and aromatic room spray and body atomizer.

We blend the healing powers of:

Cardamom: represents love. It is a blend of both sweet and bitter. Cardamom can induce love, lust, or fidelity. A little spritz will encourage a potential lover. Cardamom was often used in Eastern aphrodisiacs, and is also used for relaxation, clarity, and eloquence.

Lime graces this formula and is used to symbolize cleansing and purification. Citrus represents joy, happiness, and the abundant energy of the sun. Lime is particularly useful for protection and purification.

Lemongrass is the jewel of the Far East. It is best known for its cleansing properties. Lemongrass is a very powerful ingredient that can open roads. It clears up any obstacles standing in your way and its also known to help in changing bad luck to good, by ensuring a more positive attitude. Its especially good for those who have been afflicted by negative energy patterns.

Combined, these pure essential oils are a reminiscent scent of India with all its magic and intrigue.

4 ounce spray bottle.

Passage to India Spray

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