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Authentic Atlantean Sea Water from the coast of Florida!

Indulge in the myst of the sea! We have captured the spirit of the sea in this healing water directly from the ocean. Full of rich minerals and natural sea salt, this “mist of the mermaid” is a pure and natural way to bring the ocean to you!

~~ Spray any room in the house or bless your altar, meditation or yoga room.
~~ A Natural skin conditioner. Keep it cool in the refrigerator and mist away puffiness while you hydrate.
~~ Hair spray for that natural beach wave.
~~ Spirit cleansing. Myst away negative energy.
~~ Natural humidifier. Myst moisture into the air. Especially helpful in winter, when weather and indoor heating makes air dry.
~~ Brings the ocean to you, always.

As a surfer, I know, love, and respect the water. I appreciate the sea, with all its incredible benefits. We always collect water on the first night of the full moon, every 28 days.

My bottled ocean water brings the warm Caribbean azure blue sea to your home.

I have also attached my favorite wave charm, which you can remove and string onto a chain, cord, or beach rope to craft an ocean pendant, wrist or ankle bracelet.

4 ounces of fine myst sea water in a cobalt blue bottle!

Ocean Spray- Authentic Atlantean Sea Water from the coast of Florida!

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