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The I Ching or Yi Jing, also known as Classic of Changes or Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese divination text and the oldest of the Chinese classics. The “changes” involved have been interpreted as the transformations of hexagrams, of their lines, or of the numbers obtained from the divination.

This exciting new game, explores all the 64 hexagrams of the Iching in an easy-to-use and fun way! Using stones as your guide, this game of divination and interpretations can be played with one person or with several.

You simple choose one Yin stone and one Yang stone from the game bag provided and look up your interpretation or lesson.

This can be played daily, as a way to set your tone for the day. It can be used to create a past-present-future outlook for any time frame you choose.

These unique and exciting “life lessons” help us to understand the principles of philosophy, behavior, and human nature based on the planet’s most ancient foretelling system.

We have used the ancient art of East Asian calligraphy (called brush painting) using instick for black ink and goldleaf for gold ink. Emerging in the Tang dynasty China (618–907), this stylistic feature emphasizes the brushwork and honors the perceived “spirit” or “essence” of a subject (in this case, the stones.)

You get  handmade, hand-painted, calligraphy stones with: 8 basalt stones, 8 marble stones, the transformation booklet and IChing bag. Complete and easy-to-read instructions and lessons to improve your life!

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iChing Divination Game

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