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According to legend dream catchers, hung above beds and cradles, protect their sleepers from evil dreams. When dreams come to visit in the dark of night, the pleasant dreams pass through the web to the sleeper, while the nightmares become caught in the web to perish in the first light of the morning sun.

Designed by Native American ArtistSandra “Windrunner” Brace, these beautiful electroformed silver dream catchers are threaded with genuine gemstones used to empower restful sleep, calm the mind of nightmares, bring powerful protection and encourage the recall of good dreams in the morning!

These pieces measure 1 1/4 inches wide and are accompanied by a 24″ silver electroformed cobra chain. Every single piece has gems uniquely placed in different parts of the web and no two are alike. Each comes with a pamphlet, explaining how to use the dreamcatcher and the significance of all its crystals.



Crystal Dreamcatcher Necklace

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