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Lithomancy is what this divining art is called when stones are used to “see” the past, understand the present, or predict future events. It has many similarities to the French Tarot, but much easier to read, as it is almost read like a story, in a manner of sequence.

The form of lithomancy most common to Mexico uses 13 stones each representing a different “energy” including Love, Magic, Fortune, Home, Life and the first seven heavenly bodies recognized in the mid 16th centuries: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and the Moon. The 13th stone is the Center or (the question stone) and is an important stone when the question is asked. Each of these represent a meaning/language or vocabulary of meanings, which are used for interpreting. For example, Love could also mean passion, harmony, honest, relationships and/or Venus, planet and goddess of Love and Beauty, could mean any of the same.

Once the question has been asked the stones are thrown and the meaning is interpreted based on the pattern and the relation in which each stone lands. The answer received by the stones will be read as the stone reader (caster) sees fit. As with any form of divination, the stone reader’s intuition and experiences will determine how they choose to read the stones.

This amazing set includes 13 rough stones + complete instruction booklet +  divination incense cones + organza storage bag.

Calcite Divination Set

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