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This is a wonderful gift set, honoring the power and amazing scents of earth’s Sacred Trees!   It combines some of  the most popular and beloved products into this very special holiday gift basket!

This kit includes:

1.) 2 oz, Nine Sacred Woods Herbal Elixir Infusion

2.) Sandalwood Incense Cones

3.) 4 oz. Organic Mt. Shasta Sage Herbal Spray

4.) The Woods of Celidon Incense Sticks:

5.) Incense Burner for Cones and Sticks

6.) Cedarwood Bundle

7.) Birch Wood Gift Basket

This  incredible gift set is complete with a handmade birch basket! This beautiful basket is formed from real birch wood bark and made into a basket that can be used for many a purpose. Plastic liner and natural moss inside. Includes complete instructions for each one of your gifts and how to use and care for them, store them and keep them for long term enjoyment!

Birch Gift Basket

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