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Based on Andrew’s article, The Carnival of the Animals: Crystals Related To Wildlife, this fun filled pouch utilizes many of the crystals throughout history that have been named for animals.

Crystals named for nature’s creatures, shows us just how beloved they are. Immortalized in the stars and within stone, crystals have been given names of animals to signify their strength, power, and endearing charm.

In many cultures, especially within the Mayan, Chinese, Greek, Roman, and Native Indians, the respect, observation, and emulation of animals are an important aspect of how to live life. Animals show us particular qualities, personalities, and behaviors that we admire and mimic in our daily lives. Our relationships with them can teach us many traits including endurance, patience, and balance. Considering the vast amount of animal species, the number of animal archetypes is immense. You may find that throughout your lifetime, different animals will come into your collective conscious. It may depend on an animal you are drawn to early on in life, a specific phase you are going through, or an important occasion.  It often means you have a lesson to learn from this guide or spirit.

This kit include: Crocodile Jasper, Dalmatian Jasper, Septarian Dragon Stone, Hawk’s Eye, Leopard Skin Jasper, Peacock Ore, Snake Skin Agate, Serpentine, Tiger’s Eye, Zebra Stone, & Zebradorite. It also comes with complete instructions, history of the animal totems and their coordinating spirit stones, along with the totem pouch.

 This is a great way to bring an animal totem into your life.  You can do this daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you are ready to move on to the next animal. The purpose of this pouch is to be able to learn the lessons of each totem animal.  It is believed that if you choose the same animal on your next visit to the pouch, then you have still not learned the lesson you are required!

Animal Totem Pouch quantity

Animal Totem Pouch

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