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~ This beautiful ritual set is a respectful, fragrant, and fitting tribute created for a favorite family, friend or loved one who has passed! This ritual can be done on All Saints’ Day (All Hallows’), All Souls’ Day, The Day of the Dead celebration, OR anytime you wish to pay homage to a beloved spirit!

~ This fantastic kit honors your most powerful day to communicate with spirits, ancestors, and departed loved ones. It helps you to create a “positive intentions” ritual and to design positive “Rites” in your life… I highly recommend these kits to everyone (for beginners and experts alike). If you are new to the setting, creating and allowing positive intentions and positive thinking into your life, here you will find an easy road map with my complete instructions. If you are an expert at bringing and keeping good discipline and intentions into your life, then this kit is just what you need, as it is a complete set, with all the tools necessary to work with… right now!

This compact and sacred kit includes:

~ 1 – 2″ x 3″ inch picture frame. It allows you to easily open and place a favorite picture of the person or animal you are honoring.

~ 1 pure white organza satchel of 20 fragrant Myrrh Incense Cones with burner. Used for positive intention, purification, and soul strengthening. These are richly scented, hand-rolled cones, which are a great cleansing tool for home, altar, meditation space, sacred place or travel.

~ 4 genuine crystal tumblestones representing love, honor, faith, and respect including Rose Quartz, Unikite, Rhodochrosite and Chiastolite (the cross stone). This set of four stones are used to set the intention and create the mood. Each stone has a powerful representation of an ancestral ritual!

~ 1-one ounce bottle of Pink Sugar Perfume Oil. This is a beautiful, light, and sweet floral blend of tempting tuberose flower (polianthes tuberose), harmonious honeysuckle (lonicera caprifolium), sensual strawberry (fragaria ananassa), relishing raspberry (rubus idaeus) with sensual mid-notes of sweet orange and figs. It adds an air of sweet dreams and intentions!

~ 1 Pink Rose Candle: This delicate candle is a tribute to the “soul of our loved one” whose memory lives on through our hearts and mind. This soft, fragrant candle is created with pink rosebuds, pink globeflower, and precious bleeding heart petals. It is accented with rich essential oils of rose absolute, gardenia, and sugar. It is blessed with a dash of magic sprinkled on top!

~ Complete instructions for creating a blessed altar or seasonal sacred space for your dearly departed!

~ All of these goodies fit into our compact, Signature Gothic Midnight box (size may vary)

Ancestor Ritual Kit

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