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~ In honor of the tenets of protection, ~ being familiar ~ being aware ~ being open ~ being grounded. The tenets of protection look at our core feelings around fear, anxiety and the lack of security. It teaches us about letting go. By giving this fear up to the Universe to handle, you are allowing yourself to release this fear, and strip away any kind of meaning or significance it may have upon you, every time you light this candle!

this fantastical protection candle has been created with mounds of fragrant colored wax and layer upon layer of authentic flowers, herbs and aromatic oils! Topped with a sparkle of “stardust”!

~ This bright and comforting candle is richly scented with my own Angel’s Mist Essential Oils of Luscious Lavender and Secure Cypress! It has a quartz crystal chip deep in its core. The candle is dressed in an adjustable “evil eye” protection bracelet that you can wear anytime. The Evil Eye bead is an ancient symbol of protection and awareness!

~ Measuring 3″ x 3″ inches tall, this candle is long lasting with a burn time of 60-80 hours.


Little Facts About The Evil Eye

* Found in every culture from Ancient Greece to modern day America

* Spiritually connected to Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, and Hindi traditions

* The Evil Eye was a “glance” that would supposedly cause harm or misfortune

* Talisman were created in the shape of an eye to be worn to “reflect misfortune back to its giver”

* The Evil Eye became a symbol of awareness, protection and psychic connections

* Today it is worn to reflect away bad dreams, poor thoughts and negative energy

2 in 1 Protection Candle and Evil Eye Bracelet

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