Shay Parker's Best American Psychic Certified Angel Card Reader

Certified Assertiveness Coach & Archangel Life Coach

Reiki Master Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy®,Radio Host

Vicki Snyder Everyday Mystic Angel

an earth angel with a lot of compassion, empathy and down to earth edge!

Shay Parker's Best American Psychic, Medium, Angel Intuitive,
Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Aroma Freedom Tech 
Practitoner, Certified Assertivness & Life Purpose Coach, 
  Wellness Educator & Published Author- Lilla Rose Sytlist for fun!

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 Please contact Vicki if you need a time that is different from what is available as she may be able to accommodate you.


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All intuitive readings are provided for entertainment purposes only and do not take the place of medical or professional care. Vicki Snyder will not be held responsible for decisions made based on information received during a reading or during a healing Treatment. 

  Can be voice recorded  &
sent to you via email, per your request. 

*Psychic Medium Messages  & Angel Cards 

In Person

$30.00 - 15 minute quickie

 1 question guidance

$60.00 for 30 minute reading

$85.00  for 45 minute reading

$110.00 for 60 minute reading

Phone, Skype or Facetime
$70.00 for 30 minute reading
$125.00 for 60 minute reading
additional phone charges may apply


Vicki offers psychometry, which is reading the energy of an item that belonged to someone who has passed. If you have an item belonging to someone in spirit Vicki can read it by holding the object in her hands. Impressions are received about the owner of the object and/ or events surrounding the object's history. Feel free to bring an item to your session.

Spiritual Counseling Available too: 30 minutes $50 or 60 min $90


*Pet Reading  

Vicki is able to communicate with pets that have passed or that are alive. Being an animal lover, Vicki picks up on cats, dog and horse spirits and offers messages from them for their humans. She has seen many times that this is a wonderful way to offer healing and closure of the loss of a beloved pet. The readings bring great joy and validation that the much loved pet continues to live and visit. Please let her know during your session if you would like her to try to connect to your pet.   For living pets she can tune in and find out what they are thinking and feeling to help solve issues or just provide clarification. A great tool to improve your relationship with your living pet. 

*House Clearing/Blessings 
 got unwanted Sprit or negative energy in your home?? Vicki can come, inspect, clear, bless and heal your house . Get some peace of mind by clearing out those unwanted spirits and unwanted energy from your home. 
  $150.00 per hour. Contact Vicki to discuss and book your clearing, 585-461-2669 or [email protected]

Soul Readings

We all have a Soul purpose in life and want to express it.    With the help of your guides and angels, Vicki will assist you in uncovering your Soul's purpose. Vicki can access what you most love to do and want to be; help you find and become your authentic and empowered self. 


Vicki is blessed with the ability to delve deep down into your soul’s essence and share with you your true potential and help you understand the true way the universe views you. For some this is hard information to hear because the universe and your soul see a magnificent person, and as humans we are too hard on ourselves. Vick will share your worthiness, positive traits and abilities along with what the angels and the universe know you can accomplish in life.  


With this reading you can learn more about your special gifts and how you can best use them to manifest the live you dream of.  Step out of the fear and allow the angels and your very own soul to show you what they see when they look at you.  Turn those blockages into steps going forward, all with the assistance of your guides and angels.  Images, thoughts, and feelings are brought forth to help you see yourself through the eyes and heart of your Soul.     Your Soul is that part of you that knows the real you and loves you no matter what you have done or will do. The love is unconditional.


 Open up to the power of your soul and change your life forever!!

$60. 00 for 30 minute reading

$85. 00 for 45 minute reading

or try a 

 Life Purpose Session 

In this 1 hour session, Vicki will use several different modalities to get you moving in the direction of your true purpose of your soul. The session will start with a life purpose card reading/counseling, an AFT session and end with IET techniques. 

Realize your purpose as you clear out all that is in the way!  $100.00

House Parties/Events

 Individual Private Readings 

$25.00 for 10 minute reading

$45.00 for 20 minute reading


Group Message Circle 

you have seen the Long Island Medium do them -

now it's your turn to host a circle of family and friends

$30. 00 per person everyone will receive a message - 10 person max


$125.00 per hour- depending on the number attending everyone may not receive a personal message

*Travel charges may apply*

Energy Healing


In person or distant healing available 

 Reiki  and  Integrated Energy Therapy - IET 

 $40.00 for a mini  30 minute tune up 

 $90.00 for a full hour treatment & 30 minute consultation

For your pets ~ $20.00 per  short session. 

Energy Healing with the Angels -   Lets Get  the issues out of your tissues  

*Chakra Clearing & Balancing 


Angelic Shaman Healing 

Shamanic Healing - click to go to page

Power Animal Retrieval

 Soul Retrieval



All prices subject to change.