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Rev. Vicki Snyder-Young 
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What is Mediumship??

"Mental mediumship" is communication of spirits with a medium by telepathy.  The medium mentally "hears" (clairaudience), "sees" (clairvoyance), and/or feels (clairsentience) messages from spirits. Directly or with the help of a spirit guide, the medium passes the information on to the message's recipient(s). When a medium is doing a "reading" for a particular person, that person is known as the "sitter." 
Mediums may also communicate with spirit through smell, taste, sense or just a knowing.  

Each spirit communicates differently and may use any combination of senses to provide the Medium with the message for the "sitter".

What to expect during a reading:

Vicki's goal in providing spirit messages is to first make a connection with spirit. Spirit will then provide her  with some evidential information that will help the sitter to  identify them. This may be a name , place, person, object or event that has meaning to both parties. The spirit may provide personality and/or physical desciptions also. The spirit will then relay to Vicki  positive uplifting messages for the sitter's highest and best. Vicki  only works with spirits that come through the white light of God and who bring forth positive messages. She loves questions and so does spirit. The questions asked help to strengthen the connection to the spirit and allow spirit to answer , if appropriate.

Vicki  highly recommends before you go into any reading that you have reflected on the question's you would like to ask. Write your questions down, take them with you to your reading. You will find that the time goes quickly, by being prepared, you will find you will  get more out of your session. 

Regardless of any reading you ever have done by whomever, its important that you realize no Psychic/Reader can tell your future absolutely, because the future is not set in stone. You always have "free will". At the time of the reading its based on the decisions that you are making as of that day, which you always have the choice, "free will" to change. If something in a message does not make sense please take the information with you as you may come to an understanding of the information in the future. If you cannot identify the spirit who comes to the reading also take that with you and ask family members for information on your family tree. It may be a spirit you did not know or knew very little of but they feel fondly of you and have messages to share.

 If  you wish to share your reading with others, this is your choice. As the Reader, Vicki does not have the right to share your information with anyone.  The only way that information could be shared with anyone else, is if you, the client, requested and consented that she does so.  She holds the reading in the same light as a confidential counseling session.