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Ignite Your Light  
Spirit Coaching 

Whether in your professional or personal life, everyone has something to work on.  Vicki  can help unlock your potential and set you on your way towards success. She offers several options, so go ahead and browse the programs.

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Your work with Vicki may  involve some of these spiritual, mental and physical practices such as: 

Meditation & Prayer


Working on Ideals


Time in nature

Recreation time – fun, laughter, joy



Reincarnation, karma & grace

Attitudes & emotions


Working thru shame

Looking at habits of mind – Is your inner voice your best friend or worst critic?  


Pay per session or for a 4 or 12 week package.

Research shows that it takes 3 weeks to change or add a habit.

Gratitude & Prayer



Coaching Packages

To purchase a package go to the plans & pricing tab at the top of the page. Contact Vicki with any questions. 

1 month

(4) 90 minute  sessions with email support between sessions

paid in full $540.00 ( $60.00 savings)

3 month 

(12) 90 minute sessions with email support between sessions

paid in full $1,530  ($270.00 savings) 

Shamanic Medicine Wheel 

(4) 90 minute teachings

paid in full $400.00 

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