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Three Ways to Positively Face Pain

Pain and Conscious Healing

by Vicki Snyder

OM Times Magazine -published in  the January 23, 2016 issue

The holidays are over, and now you are left to deal with the possible pain, sadness, disappointment, or anger that has emerged. While everyone goes back to their normal lives, you may be left with the task of getting back to your normal self. Pain can arise from these feelings, which came about from interactions with family and friends. What do you do about it? Here are three ways you can positively face those feelings.


Three Conscious Healing Tips for Pain

1. Actually Sense the Pain for Conscious Healing

It is okay to let yourself feel the hurt and face your feelings. This may be easier said than done. What are you left feeling after the holidays? Are you feeling disappointment, sadness, despair, anger? No matter what you call it, it is okay to feel it without fear; the pain will not last. Oftentimes, spiritual people or empaths, also known as highly sensitive people, don’t allow themselves to actually feel and then release their hurt. They don’t cry, and they don’t show anger—they may just think they are feeling those feelings that came up.

Though it is uncomfortable to feel things such as sadness or anger, one should not try to hide their emotions. For example, if Grandma made you feel angry, then yell or hit your pillow. If your sibling made you feel sad, then cry, shed those tears, and move on. When you are upset with your sibling, be thankful for them, instead of allowing all the negative feelings to creep in; they are teachers, and are helping you to grow and learn more about yourself.

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3 Ways to Deal with a Dysfunctional Family

by Vicki Snyder

OM Times Magazine -published in November 2015 issue


What is dysfunction? Per the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, dysfunction is “the condition of having poor and unhealthy behaviors and attitudes within a group of people." For this article, family is the group of focus, and it can be a difficult topic to discuss. Many of us may have been raised to believe that we have to put up with toxic family members. Well, we don’t, and we do have the right to say NO. Let go of the guilt and put yourself in a safe happy positive place. This article provides ways to do this without hashing out the actual experiences of what is and isn’t dysfunctional. We, as a group, can choose to take a positive approach.

Here are some tools to utilize and thoughts to consider along with three ways to claim your personal power when dealing with a toxic and/or dysfunctional family member:

Stand Up and Say NO with Assertiveness

Have you been surrounded by negative and toxic family members? From my own personal experience, I have and called on the assertive side of myself when I could no longer handle the toxicity. This is often a side that is not tapped into, but is inside of each of us waiting to be set free.

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4 Simple Everyday Ways to Reclaim Your Calm

Posted by Vicki Snyder on November 30, 2015

OM Times Writer Community

Times have become so hectic for us and there never seems to be enough time to do it all. Especially with the holidays here. Can you describe what calm feels like?   If not it may have been awhile  since you have felt calm.  Don’t worry though, read on, because here are four simple everyday ways for you to reclaim your calm.  


Meditation does not have to be formal,  like sitting with legs crossed in lotus posture emptying your mind of all thought.  All you really need is just 5 minutes before you even get out of bed in the morning to quietly tune into your higher self, your angels and your divine guidance and say something like “what do I need to do today, what can I let go of that is no longer serving me “. Take these 5 minutes to breath in some deep breaths, right down to your belly and exhale all the stress and anxiety that comes from being overly rushed in life.   You can even channel  divine healing energy by placing your hands on your belly, opening up to the energy and allowing it to flow down your head through your arms and out your hands into your belly, your solar plexus chakra.   Also, you may spend time out in nature or a place where you are comfortable;  just sit with yourself, enjoy the tranquility, the silence or even  the noises, such as the water lapping at a beach or a low rumble of a train passing , all  may offer you peace.  This is also a form of mediation. Take this time to sense, think and feel all that comes to you via your higher self.  Meditation is a great time to receive  the guidance that your busy mind doesn’t often get,  so go into a meditation with a  question or an intent and allow your mind to hear the messages you are being given.  It may take time to feel comfortable doing this, so don’t give up if this practice doesn’t come easily at first.

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