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Vicki's Blog

September #1

Posted on September 8, 2015 at 7:30 AM

This weeks reading is in honor of Kathy Smith. Kathy passed away today and she was a part of my local metaphysical community. I took several classes from her and I had her communicate with my dog Rambo. I pulled the cards from the Talking to Heaven deck so this goes out to all of you who may have lost a loved one recently or not so recent. These cards bring messages from your loved ones who have passed. 1st off they want you not to be afraid, Don't be afraid of the change death brings to the relationship you once had,just know that this relationship continues and your loved ones are more able to help you and love you without all the human restrictions they once had. They don't want you to be fearful of death for there is nothing to fear with it. You will not be alone on the other side so know that when it's your time to meet your loved ones they will be waiting so put aside that fear starting now.

2nd message is they are learning over there. Know that learning never ends, even in the spriit world. Your loved one continues to work on things about themselves and learn how to be better, to make things right and how best to fix things that may need fixing here on earth for us. They may bring you messages asking for forgivness as they see the error of their past ways and they need to make amends so they can continue to grow and evolve. Lastly they want you to know that they are standing right next to you. You may not see them but you can at times feel them, smell them or hear them speak to you in your mind. They are closer than you realize so take some quiet time to ask them to show you signs of just how close they are and be open to these signs. Listen to your intution as they will speak to you through your very own intuition so don't doubt what you sense. Listen to it and follow it's guidance as many times this guidance is coming from your loved ones.

RIP Kathy Smith and I hope you continue to be one of my spiritual teachers < 3

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