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4 Simple Everyday Ways to Reclaim Your Calm

Posted on December 30, 2015 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

 4 Simple Everyday Ways to Reclaim Your Calm

Posted by Vicki Snyder on November 30, 2015 at 1:30pm

Times have become so hectic for us and there never seems to be enough time to do it all. Especially with the holidays here. Can you describe what calm feels like? If not it may have been awhile since you have felt calm. Don’t worry though, read on, because here are four simple everyday ways for you to reclaim your calm.




Meditation does not have to be formal, like sitting with legs crossed in lotus posture emptying your mind of all thought. All you really need is just 5 minutes before you even get out of bed in the morning to quietly tune into your higher self, your angels and your divine guidance and say something like “what do I need to do today, what can I let go of that is no longer serving me “. Take these 5 minutes to breath in some deep breaths, right down to your belly and exhale all the stress and anxiety that comes from being overly rushed in life. You can even channel divine healing energy by placing your hands on your belly, opening up to the energy and allowing it to flow down your head through your arms and out your hands into your belly, your solar plexus chakra. Also, you may spend time out in nature or a place where you are comfortable; just sit with yourself, enjoy the tranquility, the silence or even the noises, such as the water lapping at a beach or a low rumble of a train passing , all may offer you peace. This is also a form of mediation. Take this time to sense, think and feel all that comes to you via your higher self. Meditation is a great time to receive the guidance that your busy mind doesn’t often get, so go into a meditation with a question or an intent and allow your mind to hear the messages you are being given. It may take time to feel comfortable doing this, so don’t give up if this practice doesn’t come easily at first.


Let Go Let God

 You may ask – me, I am not controlling? Well we all are to some degree and we try to control things in our life when sometimes it’s better to just let go of control. It’s ok to say no to those things or people that tax your energy and sway you from accomplishing what you really need to do each day. Go with the flow. The universe knows what truly is best for all of us but sometimes we find it hard to trust that and we continue to force things when we would be best served to let go let God. If we focus on the real meaning of our lives and find a sense of gratitude, we may see that the calm follows. As we relax and let go we are taken to places we never dreamed of. We get uptight trying to remain in control and we allow our ego to take control; with that comes the lack of calm and a sense of disharmony. We can get into harmony by going with the flow and being in a state of receiving. How will it feel to remove ourselves from the outcome? Uncomfortable, scary, well we must trust that once we do it, it will get easier.


Essential Oils

 Make diffusing oils a part of your daily routine. Diffuse lavender or peace and calming essential oils to reduce stress and restore a clearer, calmer frame of mind. Lavender is also really good for sleep so diffuse it when you are sleeping, if you have trouble getting or staying asleep. A good night sleep will definitely increase your ability to cope better the following day. There are many oil blends that have calming benefits, so sample them and find one that really works for you. You can even wear them topically and get the benefit of their scent that way. This is such an easy and simple way to bring you back to a calm state without having much to do. The choices are endless with oils, just be sure to look for the best, the ones which are 100% therapeutic grade, such as Young Living. There are many brands out there but not all are the same or work as well. Test what works for you. You may pay a little more but the benefits outweigh the price difference in the long run.


Make You #1


You may ask, is there a reason this is #4? Yes there is, often we put ourselves last. You have permission to come first. Listen to your body, your intuition, your own personal inner GPS that can get out of sync. It is important to do something nice for yourself to get that GPS back in sync. This can be whatever brings you to that calm tranquil place, a soak in a bubble bath (don’t forget to add some essential oils), massage, mani/Pedi, time with friends, a glass of wine with a good book. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it and make your time with yourself #1. Also, include some positive self- talk. As you do for others, you can nurture yourself with telling yourself how great you are, and yes you are great. Tell yourself “I am beautiful, I am kind, I am strong, I am a great parent, I am a loving spouse, I am generous, or I am capable”. The choices are endless, but it’s your homework to come up with the self-talk that can add to your own sense of calm. Know that you are worth it so don’t let your ego tell you aren’t because it will try. By coming first the daily drudgery and chaos can be dealt with better when you are taking care of yourself by recharging.


Enjoy reclaiming your calm with these ways or any ways that work for you. No matter which you choose the outcome will be the same and you will reclaim your calm and ultimately be more empowered in stressful or hectic times