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4 Simple Everyday Ways to Reclaim Your Calm

Posted on December 30, 2015 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (3)

 4 Simple Everyday Ways to Reclaim Your Calm

Posted by Vicki Snyder on November 30, 2015 at 1:30pm

Times have become so hectic for us and there never seems to be enough time to do it all. Especially with the holidays here. Can you describe what calm feels like? If not it may have been awhile since you have felt calm. Don’t worry though, read on, because here are four simple everyday ways for you to reclaim your calm.




Meditation does not have to be formal, like sitting with legs crossed in lotus posture emptying your mind of all thought. All you really need is just 5 minutes before you even get out of bed in the morning to quietly tune into your higher self, your angels and your divine guidance and say something like “what do I need to do today, what can I let go of that is no longer serving me “. Take these 5 minutes to breath in some deep breaths, right down to your belly and exhale all the stress and anxiety that comes from being overly rushed in life. You can even channel divine healing energy by placing your hands on your belly, opening up to the energy and allowing it to flow down your head through your arms and out your hands into your belly, your solar plexus chakra. Also, you may spend time out in nature or a place where you are comfortable; just sit with yourself, enjoy the tranquility, the silence or even the noises, such as the water lapping at a beach or a low rumble of a train passing , all may offer you peace. This is also a form of mediation. Take this time to sense, think and feel all that comes to you via your higher self. Meditation is a great time to receive the guidance that your busy mind doesn’t often get, so go into a meditation with a question or an intent and allow your mind to hear the messages you are being given. It may take time to feel comfortable doing this, so don’t give up if this practice doesn’t come easily at first.


Let Go Let God

 You may ask – me, I am not controlling? Well we all are to some degree and we try to control things in our life when sometimes it’s better to just let go of control. It’s ok to say no to those things or people that tax your energy and sway you from accomplishing what you really need to do each day. Go with the flow. The universe knows what truly is best for all of us but sometimes we find it hard to trust that and we continue to force things when we would be best served to let go let God. If we focus on the real meaning of our lives and find a sense of gratitude, we may see that the calm follows. As we relax and let go we are taken to places we never dreamed of. We get uptight trying to remain in control and we allow our ego to take control; with that comes the lack of calm and a sense of disharmony. We can get into harmony by going with the flow and being in a state of receiving. How will it feel to remove ourselves from the outcome? Uncomfortable, scary, well we must trust that once we do it, it will get easier.


Essential Oils

 Make diffusing oils a part of your daily routine. Diffuse lavender or peace and calming essential oils to reduce stress and restore a clearer, calmer frame of mind. Lavender is also really good for sleep so diffuse it when you are sleeping, if you have trouble getting or staying asleep. A good night sleep will definitely increase your ability to cope better the following day. There are many oil blends that have calming benefits, so sample them and find one that really works for you. You can even wear them topically and get the benefit of their scent that way. This is such an easy and simple way to bring you back to a calm state without having much to do. The choices are endless with oils, just be sure to look for the best, the ones which are 100% therapeutic grade, such as Young Living. There are many brands out there but not all are the same or work as well. Test what works for you. You may pay a little more but the benefits outweigh the price difference in the long run.


Make You #1


You may ask, is there a reason this is #4? Yes there is, often we put ourselves last. You have permission to come first. Listen to your body, your intuition, your own personal inner GPS that can get out of sync. It is important to do something nice for yourself to get that GPS back in sync. This can be whatever brings you to that calm tranquil place, a soak in a bubble bath (don’t forget to add some essential oils), massage, mani/Pedi, time with friends, a glass of wine with a good book. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it and make your time with yourself #1. Also, include some positive self- talk. As you do for others, you can nurture yourself with telling yourself how great you are, and yes you are great. Tell yourself “I am beautiful, I am kind, I am strong, I am a great parent, I am a loving spouse, I am generous, or I am capable”. The choices are endless, but it’s your homework to come up with the self-talk that can add to your own sense of calm. Know that you are worth it so don’t let your ego tell you aren’t because it will try. By coming first the daily drudgery and chaos can be dealt with better when you are taking care of yourself by recharging.


Enjoy reclaiming your calm with these ways or any ways that work for you. No matter which you choose the outcome will be the same and you will reclaim your calm and ultimately be more empowered in stressful or hectic times


September #1

Posted on September 8, 2015 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (0)

This weeks reading is in honor of Kathy Smith. Kathy passed away today and she was a part of my local metaphysical community. I took several classes from her and I had her communicate with my dog Rambo. I pulled the cards from the Talking to Heaven deck so this goes out to all of you who may have lost a loved one recently or not so recent. These cards bring messages from your loved ones who have passed. 1st off they want you not to be afraid, Don't be afraid of the change death brings to the relationship you once had,just know that this relationship continues and your loved ones are more able to help you and love you without all the human restrictions they once had. They don't want you to be fearful of death for there is nothing to fear with it. You will not be alone on the other side so know that when it's your time to meet your loved ones they will be waiting so put aside that fear starting now.

2nd message is they are learning over there. Know that learning never ends, even in the spriit world. Your loved one continues to work on things about themselves and learn how to be better, to make things right and how best to fix things that may need fixing here on earth for us. They may bring you messages asking for forgivness as they see the error of their past ways and they need to make amends so they can continue to grow and evolve. Lastly they want you to know that they are standing right next to you. You may not see them but you can at times feel them, smell them or hear them speak to you in your mind. They are closer than you realize so take some quiet time to ask them to show you signs of just how close they are and be open to these signs. Listen to your intution as they will speak to you through your very own intuition so don't doubt what you sense. Listen to it and follow it's guidance as many times this guidance is coming from your loved ones.

RIP Kathy Smith and I hope you continue to be one of my spiritual teachers < 3

February #4

Posted on March 3, 2015 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (0)

First part of the week is I am Creator- you have all the tools and power to create the life you want. You are the master planner and builder so follow through and stick to your plans, don't be swayed by doubt. This card is an 11, a master number, a very intuitive number to have, represents transformation. A very powerful number for you who are into numerology. You may want to look up that number and get a message from that. The symbolism is vast.

Middle of the week- infinite potential- the symbolism is deep with this card. The merkaba is sticking out to me, A merkaba is a ancient symbol. Used in meditation it can be a great source of power and enlightenment Connect with the merkaba to realize your full potential this week. The merkaba is shaped like a star. Is is believed by some to be made of light and can transport or connect the spirit and body to higher realms. Take time this week to tune into the higher realms.

End of the week - growing- with all situations the result is growth so even those tough times mean growth for you. Try to see the positive in all situations and love them for showing you ways to become a better person, to help others more, to love more deeply and grow in your own self actualization. All life experiences come from the divine so embrace each and allow yourself to grow as a person. You are not alone so reach out to others on your path as they can help you understand and accept that which may be hard to at times. Through talking and listening a change is made that allows for even more growth, and ultimately more happiness for you.

January #4

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This weeks reading comes from the new Guardian Angel Tarot deck. This is a very gentle tarot deck with a victorian theme. Tell me how you like it. Truthfully I am not a fan but thought I would see how you all feel about it. The cards are very pretty but there is not much in the way of symbolism on the cards.


The week starts out with 2 of action, be assertive, stand up and be confident in what you think, feel and say. You will be respected for it. There may be a new partner coming you way this week so listen to their suggestions and comments. It may help you in the long run. Now is the time to turn away from drama that can get in the way of your plans and movement.

Middle of the week is 10 of abundance- time for family. Share the love with those closest to you and work on developing deeper relationships with those who may be farther away. You are well provided for and there is support and love in all you do. Say thanks to those with gratitude and niceties.

End of the week- celebration. Things are going well , keep following your dreams, the star and you will find much happiness and fulfillment. The timing is in perfect order so know that as you move ahead you are in the right place at the right time on your path. Your faith is at an all time high and it feels very comforting. Remember how this feels and work to always keep your faith high. Life is good .


January #3

Posted on January 26, 2015 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

This weeks message comes from healing with the fairies. The week starts out with detoxification. Boy what a weekend,, now take the time to pamper yourself and clear your body of all that those things that are not so good for you. Personally for me this is relevant as I was at a psychic fair all weekend and being the sponge I am I picked up lots of others energies so it's definitely time for me to detox. You may have this same problem, if so listen to my radio show tonight, Tuesday the 20th as I will be talking about empaths (if you can't catch the show live it will be in the archives).. sorry for the sidebar, lol.. Anyways make sure you cleanse your body of toxins you may have ingested over the weekend, get back on track for healthy eating and drinking, maybe you spent time with toxic people, let that go too and cleanse yourself.

Middle of the week- stand your ground. use your words to get your point across to others. No need to back down, just be respectful and speak from the heart. You have the power to handle this. Don't walk away from the battle as the battle is in your mind. Don't make more out of things than you need to so go head on and use that strong inner power to guide you. Call on the angels for help if you need the back up and ask for additional self- assuredness.

End of the week is moving forward fearlessly, no matter what happens know that you are on the right path and that it is all about divine timing. Your wings are big and will carry you through this transformation you are going through. You have help all around you so lighten up and enjoy this growth like fairies do. It may be an emotional time but know that with laughter and lightheartedness all will be good. Keep your eyes on the path ahead and don't' look back as you move to stronger ground.

January #1

Posted on January 20, 2015 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (0)


This weeks message comes for the Saints and Angels.


The week starts with a learning experience. Take it as it is and don't get so wrapped up in the drama. Know that it is a situation to learn from and cut the negativity out of your life. Ask your guardian angel to help you see the lessons now. You are ready to learn them and embrace them as lessons for all involved. You will find peace when you accept it for what it is and see the positive in the situations you face.

Middle of the week is believe. Saint Hildegard asks you to believe in yourself. Let go of the doubt that holds you back. You have the power and the knowledge to proceed with your lifes path. In life she overcame self doubt and went on to have much success, just as you can. Ask for her help and she will be there to assist and she understands what you are going through. You can do it. Keep saying that to yourself until you fully believe it!

End of the week is higher education. Your guardian angel says now is the time to learn more and walk through those doors that are opening for you now. Again don't let the self doubt get in the way of furthering you knowledge and education. This could even mean picking up that book you have been meaning to read and learn from. This does not necessarily mean a formal education. Be open to learning from the lessons that came earlier this week and instill these lessons in your own teaching and mentoring of others. You are being given a gift of knowledge, open your arms and accept it as it may very well transform your life.


Blessings for a week of learning and accepting.


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Here is the message for 2015

It's a perfect card to start the new year off with as it's a ace, the start of something. This is all about your passions and creativity coming through in the new year. Don't let that passion fizzle. Keep it burning. 2015 will be a year to do some fantastic things. Seize the opportunities that present themselves to you. Gabriel is the messenger angel so she is telling you to listen to that inner voice, the angels, spirit and your higher power for they will guide you to those opportunities in 2015. Trust in that. She has large powerful wings and is ready for take off, just as you are!

December 3

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Here is the message for the week- Xmas week.

Here is the message for the week. The week starts off with a great deal of activity. Its hustle and bustle to do the final holiday preparations. Be sure you are asking for help with this and communicating your wishes. Lots of choices to be made.

The middle of the week is compromise. In order to balance life it sometimes takes compromise. This is a good thing and doesn't have to be considered negative. You will be happy with this.

End of the week is stand your ground. Protect that which is yours. You know what is right and what isn't so don't allow the situation to sway you. Speak your mind but come from a heart centered place and all will be good. .

December 2

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The week starts off with spread your wings, Archangel Ariel says don't hold back right now! Timing is perfect, everything is in divine order. Dont' let your fears and doubts hold you down from really flying. Put your faith and trust in all you really know deep down. You are ready for this next step. So take a running start and leap right into all you truly want and deserve!

Middle of the week, it's time for your vision to really see the big picture. Let the mental images you have come into full play now. trust that what you are seeing is true and from the angels. Let these visions guide you this week. Trust them and you will keep moving ahead with your plans.

The end of the week is compassion. Archangel Zadkiel says soften your heart with respect to the situation and all the people involved. Also be gentle with yourself now. It's time for forgiveness and this is forgiveness of self too. Know you have always done the best you can at any given time. You are learning still and may make mistakes or poor choices, just learn from them and move on to do better next time. Have compassion for those who are also learning as they are doing the best they can too at any given time. Help those to see how they can do better, you can do this through your love,understanding, faith and compassion. Speak with your heart.

December 1

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Here is the message for the week!

The week starts out with expecting the worst, 9 of air card. Your worry is keeping you up at night and you are restless. Stop thinking the worst all the time. Try to replace the negative self talk with positive affirmations about the situation and call on the angels to help with this.


The middle of the week, 10 of air card is the end of the situation that has had you worried. It's time to claim your power and walk away from either people, places or situations that are not for your highest and best anymore. This is a hard decision but one you can make and your concern will fade as you have replaced positive thinking earlier this week.


end of the week, the empress. It's time now to nurture yourself and allow yourself to live your dreams. Put them into motion and you will see success. Listen to the messages you receive as they are coming from Archangel Gabriel. These messages will be thoughts, feelings or that little voice inside yourself. These messages may come through animals in your environment so notice them and look up the animal symbolism. Be open to receiving her messages as they will lead you to your dreams.


This is a good end to a week that has had worry and concern yet has given you the power to choose and then to start putting your dreams into motion.