Shay Parker's Best American Psychic Certified Angel Card Reader

Certified Assertiveness Coach & Archangel Life Coach

Reiki Master Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy®,Radio Host

Vicki Snyder Everyday Mystic Angel

an earth angel with a lot of compassion, empathy and down to earth edge!

Shay Parker's Best American Psychic, Medium, Angel Intuitive,
Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Lunar Mystic, Certified Aroma
 Freedom Tech Practitoner, Certified Assertivness & Life Purpose 
Coach, Certified Dream Interpretator & Published Author!

Vicki Snyder Everyday Mystic Angel  TM

"My mission is to offer personal healing through uplifting, empowering messages received through my connection to the angels and spirit world. I also intend to prove the continuity of life through offering evidential messages from the spirit world; to be a messenger of hope so that this world can be a lighter more positive place to live and  we all can connect to our authentic selves."  ~ Vicki Snyder

What can you can expect:

"Sitting with Vicki is like sitting with a dear friend over a cup of tea!"

During your time with Vicki expect there to be conversation and dialogue. Expect questions that may get you thinking about your life and what you want from it. Expect to come away feeling better than you arrived and with some healing and direction in your life. Expect to do some  soul searching, just as she will with the help of your guides and angels . Expect to see a different part of yourself that you may not be accustomed to.  Expect to receive and go with the flow.  Expect  compassion, love,  an ear to listen and  a person to work things out with so you can be the best authentic you that you were born to be. Vicki's readings are more than just a reading. They can change your life! 

 "She has a great sense of humor and is "real". "

 "I felt a connection with her almost immediately. "

"Talking with her is like sharing a conversation with a dear friend."

 "I am so thankful for her awesome gift and her willingness to share that talent with others. "

About Vicki:

Vicki Snyder is a Shay Parker Best American Psychic. Tested. Accurate. Ethical. Period!! 

She is  certified as a Psychic, Medium,  an Angel Card Reader and Healer. She is also an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instuctor Practitioner, Reiki Master/ Teacher and  holds a degree in psychology. Vicki is a member of the Lily Dale Assembly, a well-known 1880’s spiritualist community, and as a practicing medium and spiritualist is affiliated with the Mother Church of Spiritualism, Plymouth Spiritualist Church in Rochester, NY.  

 It is at Plymouth Spiritualist Church that Vicki came to fully realize her life purpose  was working with spirit to provide messages and healing.  Through intensive training and practice she developed a deep connection to the spirit world which continues to grow and deepen today . She firmly believes that we as humans have free will and  we continue to grow and learn on our spiritual paths. While she  offers messages from spirit and the divine, it is ultimately you who decides, through free will, how you can change your life .  Vicki's messages offer insight and empowerment so you can rely on your own inner power to manifest the life you desire.  It is through her interactive message work  and counseling  style that you can visualize your true potential.   She supports and partners with clients, guiding them to discover and realize their true authentic selves. She offers a variety of services such as spiritual counseling,  assertiveness & life  coaching with angels, private readings, parties, message circles, and pet communication, and also participates in local psychic and wellness fairs.

Vicki is a lifelong learner who always searches for new information and skills to share with her clients and students. She teaches classes in healing. Vicki’s goal is to offer uplifting and empowering messages to her clients so they may find peace in life and reach their personal goals. No matter where you are in the world you can receive her free weekly angel messages on her facebook page, Divine Angel Messages.

What are Spiritual Counselors?

Spiritual counselors help people along their path to spiritual growth. The objective can include finding a life purpose, overcoming obstacles, and putting pain and grief into perspective. The path doesn't look the same for everyone, so it’s no surprise that there are spiritual counselors representing different concepts of spirituality, including Christianity and New Age belief systems. Like other counselors, spiritual counselors do a lot of listening. They may also employ other modalities. One thing that traditional counselors don't do as part of the job: pray, meditation, or spiritual healing.

Healing Credentials: 

Vicki combines all of her healing modalities during a healing session and is intuitively guided as to how best serve her clients. Her connection to spirit comes through during healings, so there is a very good chance your loved ones may communicate during this time . Guidance and support is received from angels, spirit guides as well as spirit and is shared with the client after the healing session. 

Proud member of  the Certified Psychic Society

"The Certified Psychic Society is the perfect source for finding psychic talent for television and other media, metaphysical expo’s, private parties, and more. We source the talent for you, and we validate that each Certified Psychic in our Society is a verified professional." Shay Parker.

Full Bio for Rev Vicki Snyder

  • Professional Certified Psychic Medium-Shay Parker's Best American Psychics
  • Certified Healer - Shay Parker's Best American Healers
  • Member of the Certified Psychic Society
  • Certified Angel Card Reader ™
  • Certified Dream Interpreter 
  • Certified Fairyologyst
  • Certified Assertiveness Coach
  • Certified Archangel Life Coach
  • Certified Angel Realm Reader
  • Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner 
  • Intuitive  Tarot Card Reader
  • Pet Communicator
  • Previous Radio Show Host- Divine Angel Messages on Shay Parker's  Best of the Best on
  • Offers private reading parties and message circles
  • Experienced gallery reader
  • Spiritualist- member of Plymouth Spiritualist Church & Lily Dale Assmebly
  • Participates in local psychic/wellness fairs - Pretty Rox, Earth Spirit Expo, Shift NY,

       New  Moon, Light Works, Sun in Pisces, Plymouth Spiritualist Church,  Alternative Minds           of CNY

  • Published co-author in the 365 Days of Angel Prayers & 111 Morning Meditations - collaborative books
  • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor Practitioner
  • Spiritual Counselor w/ degree in Psychology
  • Teacher

  1. How to read Angel Oracle  Cards & Tarot Cards
  2. Monthly angel card reading class/practice
  3. Psychic Development
  4. Assertiveness for Earth Angels
  5. Fairies 101
  6. Reiki, 3 levels
  7. IET- Integrated Energy Therapy 3 levels
  8. Healing with the Angels - an IET class
  9. 7 Steps to Transformation - an IET class
  10. Essential Oils ~  Health,Wellness, Abundance 
  11. Facilitates a weekly distant healing circle
  12. Facilities monthly shamnic drumming journey circle 
  13. How to  do a Shamanic Journey 
  14. Kids Classes, mediation, IET
  15. Crystals 101